The 6 types of Nootropics

This article covers all the different types of nootropics. You may be surprised by the list and the different groups which you may or may not have heard of. Some types of nootropics have been around for decades while others have just come out within the last few years.


This is probably the most common and popular of the nootropics. The first of the racetams was Piracetam and then followed by: Aniracetam, Oxiracetam and Pramiracetam. There are also many others that have been developed like Nefiracetam and Phenylpiracetam.

Ractams increase cognitive ability by stimulating the Acetylcholine receptors. This stimulation can help with: memory, learning, focus, motivation and other areas of cognitive function. The racetams also overlap into the Ampakine category by stimulating Glutamic receptor activity. This also contributes to nootropic benefits but it is unclear just how much cognitive improvement is attributed to this fact.


Ampakines are a new category and a definite area of interest in the nootropic field. It is known that glutamic activity is extremely important for cognitive function. Racetams do have some level of Glutamate activity however not nearly as much as these new substances like Sunifram and Unifram.

Ampakines have not been proven safe or tested extensively in the medical field.  There is a high change that excitotoxcicity may be a factor when taking Ampakines. The level of excitotoxicity may vary between ampakines however this should be evaluated before taking as it can have negative health consequences. This is why we don’t use Ampakines in Sparq as there is a lot more research needed.


There are several types of choline and acetylcholine intermediates. When taking these types of supplements, the desired results will be a higher level of Acetylcholine in the brain. There are many different types of choline/acetylcholine intermediates and some will be more effective than others.

The cheaper sources such as Choline Bitartrate will not cause noticeable nootropic benefits when taken alone but may potentiate the effects of racetams. More advanced Acetylcholine intermediates like, Citicoline, Alpha GPC or Centrophenoxine are more likely to cause noticeable effects when taken alone. Acetylcholine intermediates will also have less chances of causing side effects and are best when stacked with racetams. Alpha GPC is the acetylcholine intermediate that we use in Sparq.


Sulbutiamine and Pyritinol belong to this group because they are created from modifying B-Vitamins. Sulbutiamine is modified from Vitamin B1 and Pyritinol is created from Vitamin B6. Both of these compounds are great for promoting energy, mood and memory. They may be great when taken alone or added to a stack. One downside with these is that effects seem to be lost overtime and for this reason they may need to be cycled. We use Sulbutiamine in Sparq as this is the most effective and safe one.


This area is probably the most interesting of all the types of nootropics. The area of nootropic peptides seems to be constantly evolving. Russia has the most interest in this area and they have created all the nootropic peptides on the market.

Peptide Nootropics are not all the same but share the similarity of having some affinity with peptides. Noopept for instance, is a nootropic peptide derivative and is appended it to this category.  Semax is a hepapeptide derived from corticotropin (stress hormone). Lastly, Cerebrolysin is a peptide derived from pig proteins.

One major downside with nootropic peptides is their route of administration. Noopept is the easiest because it is taken orally, hence the reason that we use it in Sparq, however semax must be taken nasally to have effects. Cerebrolysin is probally the most effective nootropic on this list however it must be injected. This is an obvious turn off for a big portion of the population.


Smart drugs are probably the most abused on this nootropics list. Smart drugs work by stimulating the body and mind. There are certain amphetamine based medication like Adderall and Ritalin that work well for this. There are also Eugeroic drugs like Modafinil that also work to stimulate the body and mind. We advise to stay away from this category and stick to the safer nootropics that are legal.

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