"In the future a new generation of artists will be writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses."

Story of our lives

Our mission is human progress

At Sparq, we define biotechnology as mastering the information processes of biology. Literally understanding that biology is software. With the revolutions in biotechnology, the free exchange of information is allowing us to conceive of radical new things. Freeman Dyson says, "In the future, a new generation of artists will be writing genomes with the fluency that Blake and Byron wrote verses." "What is great in man," said Nietzsche, "is that he is a bridge, and not an end."

There are three ways to contribute to scientific progress. The direct way, by conducting research and publishing results. The indirect way, by helping others make a direct contribution. Journal editors, university administrators and philanthropists who fund research contribute to scientific progress in this second way. A third approach is to marry the first two and make a scientific advance that itself expedites scientific advances. The full significance of this third way is commonly overlooked. Imagine a completely safe pill which improved your all-round cognitive performance by just 1%. The gain would hardly be noticeable in a single individual. But if 10 million scientists in the world all benefited from the pill we would increase the rate of scientific progress by roughly the same amount as adding 100,000 new scientists! Our indirect contribution will contribute a 100,000 times more than what an average scientist contributes. Even Einstein or Darwin at the peak of their time could not make such a great impact. And that is just scientists! Think about engineers, teachers, politicians, and students.

Millions of people worldwide supplement their brain on a daily basis in areas like memory, focus, motivation and speaking. Every year new substances are discovered for their cognitive improving and neuroprotective abilities which are stronger than those of the previous year.

We at Sparq Tech Labs are looking to be on the front line of this new field and help to expedite human knowledge.