Sparq 30


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The brain boosting nootropic capsule.

Memory, Energy and Focus.

Sparq is your daily nootropic designed to enhance your cognitive performance. The ingredients were selected for their individual nootropics benefits that synergize and ‘stack’ well together. The stacking rounds the benefits of each compound, ultimately creating a smooth and clear mental state, like being in flow.

How to use:

A standard pack of Sparq contains 60 capsules which will last you a month if taken daily. Take two capsules every morning during your breakfast. If you normally drink coffee you can skip that. Sparq contains it’s own caffeine which will replace your morning coffee and have you feel energized right away. You can also take Sparq whenever you need that extra brain boost for being creative, studying or playing sports. Within 20 minutes you will feel the overwhelming benefits of Sparq! One dose of Sparq contains 2 vegan capsules.

The Ingredients.

Is it safe?

Yes, all components used in Sparq are well known and thoroughly studied nootropics. None of the components are banned from athletic body guidelines. Sparq is about safe, long-term cognitive enhancement. Click here to learn more about these scientific studies.

Caution: If you are on MAO inhibitors please speak to a health professional before using Sparq to ensure there are no chances of negative interactions.


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