V1.0 Launch

“Man will not wait passively for millions of years for evolution to offer him a better brain.”

The beauty of this quote lies in it’s sincerity. If we bring a cave dwelling Homo Sapiens infant from 100.000 B.C. to the present time it would still be perfectly capable of learning and maturing in the exact same way as we have done during our lives. Our brain size and neuron density has stayed practically unchanged during all those centuries. The only thing that changed is our technology. Our brains lack the most important feature of any information carrying machine. A back up. When we cease to exist, so does all of the information that is stored in our brain. The invention of language allowed us to express our thoughts more clearly with each other enabling the passing down of acquired knowledge in a much faster and easier way. Writing immortalized this knowledge so that the minds of the future can feast on the thoughts and ideas of intellectuals that deceased centuries ago. The information era upgraded this in such a way where all of  the information that we have gathered as a collective is available at our fingertips through mediums such as computers and smartphones.

This is where we and the prehistoric Homo Sapiens differ. Our hunger for information can feast on all the impulses and information we encounter on a daily basis and our ability to instantly share said information with the world has skyrocketed our knowledge. We have, however, hit a bottle neck. Most of our primitive brains can’t keep up with these daily truck loads of information. We often turn to stimulants such as caffeine, or in more extreme cases, adderall to push our mental stamina to states where we are able to work harder for longer hours. However, the latest advancements in biotechnology and neurology allow us to conceive of new substances which improve our cognitive functions and memory in far better ways.

The birth of nootropics led to the exciting new field of cognitive improving substances. The past year we have collaborated with neuroscientists and experts in the field of nootropics to develop a nootropic blend that is suitable for the masses. After running different alterations of our beta product and testing these thoroughly with our testpanel of 50 students and entrepreneurs we have come to the point where we are ready to introduce our first public product.

Sparq v1.0


Sparq v1.0 is our best performing capsule for the average individual. Our proprietary blend of nootropics gave the highest increase in test results while having  minimal to none side-effects. During our soft-launch in the past two weeks we have had great responses and feedback from our customers. Together, we will keep on improving Sparq in more advance ways to develop the perfect pill for cognitive enhancement.

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